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Nuova pubblicazione: A Civil War of Words

Segnaliamo la pubblicazione di una raccolta di saggi sulla storia intellettuale della Prima guerra mondiale, con un saggio di Patrizia Dogliani sugli intellettuali italiani dall’interventismo all’impegno nel Fascismo. Schermata 2016-02-21 alle 20.42.17

Xavier Pla, Maximiliano Fuentes,  Francesc Montero (eds), A Civil War of Words. The Cultural Impact of the Great War in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and a Glance at Latin America,  Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, Peter Lang, 2016, 441 pp. 

The Great War did not only mark the history of the twentieth century: to a large extent, the conflict also affected culture and literature in Europe and the rest of the world. This collection of essays aims to provide the reader with a broad and transdisciplinary perspective on the cultural
and political impact of the Great War. Using a comparative approach and focusing on Catalonia and Spain, this volume reflects the enormous variety of representations of the ‘theatre of war’ in both neutral and belligerent countries, causing a significant rejuvenation in fiction and journalistic genres in the subsequent decades.
This book features essays by some of the most important specialists in the First World War from Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Latin America, who, in the centenary of the conflict, provide an innovative critical approach to this crucial event in contemporary history.

Contents: Xavier Pla/Maximiliano Fuentes Codera/Francesc Montero: Introduction – José Álvarez Junco: Europe before and after the Great War – Xosé M. Núñez Seixas: Some Reflections on the Great War and the Nationality Question in Europe – Patrizia Dogliani: A Civil War of Words in Italy: Italian intellectuals from Interventionism into WWI to Engagement into Fascism – Ana Paula Pires: The Sound of the Mind: Portuguese Intellectuals and the First World War – María Inés Tato: The Latin American Intellectual Field in the Face of the First World War: An Initial Approach – Vita Fortunati: Controversial Memories in the Discourse/ Narrative of World War I – Miquel Berga: Fought in Narrative: English Literature and the Cultural Memory of World War I – Mireia Llorens Ruiz: From Arcadia to Armageddon: Literary Conventions and Transgressions in the Work of Siegfried Sassoon – Antonio Monegal: Shell-Shocked Legacies: Narratives of Trauma in Virginia Woolf, W. H. R. Rivers and Pat Barker – Maximiliano Fuentes Codera: The Great War as an Expression of the Dispute between the «Two Spains» – Paul Aubert: The Motives of Francophilia: History of a Frustration – Xavier Pla: «A war is a volcano»: Theorists of War, Journalists in the Trenches and Intellectual Positions from Barcelona during the Great War – José Ramón González: Toward a Pro-Ally Collective Imagination: Spanish Writers in the Face of the Great War – August Rafanell: The Squadron of the Star: Catalan War Poetry – Enric Bou: Witnesses to an ‘Apocalyptic Storm’: Catalan Intellectuals and the Great War – David Jiménez Torres: Janus’s Relevance: Ramiro de Maeztu and the Great War – Àngel Duarte/Francesc Montero: Fighting and Writing for Catalonia and France: Frederic Pujulà and the Catalan Volunteers in the Trenches – Joan Safont Plumed: Amadeu Hurtado at the Iberia M
agazine: A Mainstay of Catalan Francophilia.